Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Update Schedule, New Merch

I've given it some thought and decided that a regular weekly update would be a good idea, so from now on you can expect fresh, pipin' hot posts every Monday, as well as the occasional extra post as the mood strikes me. I never have a shortage of things to say, so sticking to a schedule should help me avoid neglecting my blog again.

On the subject of my Etsy store, I have been shifting my focus from beads to figurines. Over the next few weeks, expect to see some new arrivals populating the digital shelves, particularly of the cutesy pony variety. I'll still be making beads, of course--in the works now is a massive autumn set, with almost 100 pieces, and it may yet be 100 by the time I'm done. Once they're finished, I'll need to start work on Christmas items--beads, ornaments, and figurines--and I'm toying with the idea of putting together some hand-made greeting cards as well. We'll see how well they turn out before I make any commitments in that direction.

On the subject of my Zazzle stores, Event Shoppe is at the top of my priority list. I purchased a couple of pictorial archives with some excellent copyright-free graphics in them, but to use any of them, I'm going to have to literally cut the books apart to get a clear scan. The idea of this doesn't thrill me, but I don't see any other options. At least I have experience on my side, as I've already gone through this process with another pictorial archive book I own. The trick is to not get in a hurry, a strategy that is difficult for me to stick to.

Sunday was my dad's birthday! I made him a little green bear sculpture, modeled after the bear in his gardening business logo. It turned out really cute, and I'll take pictures once the batteries for my camera are charged again. I killed them trying to take a decent shot of my two pony figurines for my Etsy store, but to no avail. My batteries are dead, and I still don't have decent pictures. *shakes fist at the heavens.* Perhaps tomorrow I'll have better luck.

As for you, my avid readers, I pose a question! What is your favorite animal? While I have no trouble coming up with ideas for my figurines, it would be interesting to see what you all would be interested in. Post your responses in the comment section, and you may see a figurine that was inspired by your input added to my shop in the near future.

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