Thursday, September 9, 2010

Farmer's Market & Dilemas

Well, the weather favored us this week and we were able to take a meager offering of produce to the Farmer's Market, where me met a similarly meager offering of customers. I managed to sell two of my bead packets there, for a whopping total of five dollars, which should be enough money to buy my daily fountain drink until I get my Zazzle check. Living on nickels and dimes is an...interesting experience, but it helps that I don't have any overdue bills hanging over my head.

I got a special request today for three figurines to be Christmas gifts, for a price tag of $50, so I'm excited about that. I have to finish my autumn bead set before I can begin work on anything else, though, including my Zazzle stores. I have a lofty goal--1,000 products in my Zazzle store Event Shoppe. My real goal is to earn enough money from Zazzle to buy myself an art studio that looks an awful lot like a small barn, but don't be fooled! Great things will happen within its barny walls!

In other news, I created something that is too cute for me to sell. I took a break from Autumn beads to make something just for fun, and since I love unicorns, I figured it'd be fun to make a cutesy, cuddly unicorn figurine. The problem is, it's perfect. I can't help but smile when I look at it! So now I face the dilema... Do I offer it for sale and make a few bucks on it but lose it forever, or do I take a loss and keep it all for myself?


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